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The vibrant ambience will follow you from the pool to your bedside – with plenty of thoughtful surprises along the way. Our interactive workshops and tastings allow you to discover popular local specialties. We recognize you as a unique person and organize personalized experiences that match your needs and desires of the day.

Culinary Workshop

Our teams welcome you with a smile and greed. Taste your creations around our tables d’hôtes. Places of life, sharing and pleasure, push the door of our workshops … you will enjoy yourself.

Mint tea tasting

Immerse yourself in the ritual of preparing Tunisian Mint Tea. The workshop will start with a historical and cultural explanation. The great richness of this drink indeed deserves to linger on the sensory level. Tasting a tea requires bringing together ideal conditions and paying special attention to it.

Oriental Dance Court

You will be drawn into the swings of this rich and graceful dance. After a gentle warm-up, she will take you on a journey to the rhythms of oriental percussions, then you can develop your creativity through improvisation.

Day Break / Relax & Dream

Relax during this head-to-toe series of stretches that encourage you to hold your stretches longer and focus on the breath.

Nordic Walk

Inside or outside the property, our hikes designed for all skill levels reveal the natural beauty of the area while working your muscles under an open sky.

Listen to your body

Experiment with movements with an emphasis on strengthening and aligning your back. Learn how to engage your core, safely extend your spine, and improve your posture to keep you upright for years to come.

Aqua fit

A powerful and fun class designed to burn calories and build muscle, strength, coordination and flexibility in the pool.

Feel good workout

Enjoy an outdoor class in the beautiful landscape. This class is suitable for everyone; we will manage the group to stay together during the activity.


Combine all the elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility – with this calorie-burning dance!


Never stop your fitness goals. The fitness room is well equipped to take your transformation to another level.


Send the cap! A game of pétanque with friends under the beautiful island sun. Our grounds await your hottest games!

Tennis & Squash

Whether you’re new to the game or playing regularly, players of all skill levels will enjoy the tennis and squash facilities at Djerba Plaza Thalasso & Spa.

Beachvolley & football

On our private beach, under the mocking sun of Djerba, in the unique nature and landscape of the Mediterranean, you would have the chance to participate in the Beach volleyball & Football matches organized by our entertainment team.