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Our Restaurants & Bars are an invitation to all the temptations in the land of flavors, scents and colors. A sunny and fragrant cuisine that combines pleasure, freshness and health. Our chef leads his culinary crusade in favor of local products and takes you on a culinary journey to make you taste regional and Mediterranean specialties.

Restaurant Etoile Des Mers

A Sunny and Tasty Cuisine That Combines Pleasure and Health.

Stylish and fresh, the dining room is always kissed by natural light. Enjoy a comfortable table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with the wide-open dining terrace aside you. Choose a banquette for a more private experience or grab a communal table with friends. Surrounding you: a soothing tableaux of eye-catching antiques, vintage artifacts, and a stunning art collection featuring original abstract paintings. Treat yourself with a generous Showcooking Buffet and have a great time in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Dress code : Casual – Refined

Expérience Culinaires

Bar Lounge La Sirène

Relax & Unwind.

Enjoy relaxing background music on the terrace overlooking the pool and palm grove park with the cool breeze sifting and warm natural light streaming in from all angles. Light meals and refreshing drinks are served here.

It is the ideal place for slow days. A whole new experience by the pool, sitting outdoors with a breathtaking view of the garden.

Opening : Seasonal
Dress code : Casual

Showcooking La Palmeraie

For a Unique Palm Grove Dining.

Entirely in the open air, LA PALMERAIE terrace has a variety of seats for lounging during a meal under the sun and the stars. International cuisine with Showcooking will be served in a relaxed setting.

Opening : Seasonal
Dress code : Casual

Plaza Sea Lounge

The Sounds of a Hot Summer.

Stunning sea views on one side are complemented by vibrant, fiery sunsets on the other, creating a destination alongside a plentiful supply of food and drink underscored by fresh seafood, side dishes regional specialties and international cuisine standards. From morning to night, the atmosphere has never been stronger than here. This is the Plaza Sea Lounge at its best.

Opening : Seasonal
Dress code : Casual

The Plaza Rooftop

The Most Glamourous Island’s Rooftop.

The Rooftop stretches from an elegant indoor living room to an open-air terrace overlooking a captivating view of the palm grove and the Mediterranean on the horizon. The ideal place to enjoy the refreshing breeze. This Lounge immerses you in the mood of the moment. You can choose from a long list of cocktails, wines, beers etc … as well as our menu to inspire that endless summer feeling, any time of the year.

Dress code : Casual

Bar Lounge Le Corail

Soft and Melted Atmosphere.

The CORAIL BAR LOUNGE combines mixology, music and design to surprise you. Unwind in the ambience of a lounge where you can meet new people, have fun and sip cocktails in a subdued and modern setting. The music transports you to a world of colors, of joy for a perfect transition between day and night.

Dress code : Casual

Pool Bar Cabana

Indulge !

You are thirsty ? Get drunk in the sparkling atmosphere by the pool. After a refreshing dip, come back to the surface at the CABANA POOL BAR where the fiesta reigns supreme with trendy music and cocktails mixed with talent.

Opening : Seasonal
Dress code : Casual

Approche environnementale

Café Maure & Chicha Bar La Doukkana

For an Authentic Experience.

Live in a THOUSAND and ONE NIGHT setting while tasting the essential Tunisian Mint tea, traditional Turkish coffee and local sweets from the country.

Opening : Seasonal
Dress code : Casual

Discothèque Bar Lounge L’écume

For a Vibrant Night Life.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the vibrant world of music. Our DJ RESIDENT MAROO will transport you through layers of color to the transition between day and night. The festive atmosphere is at the rendezvous with themed evenings, glamorous evenings or show evenings.

Opening : Seasonal
Dress code : Casual